DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes


DES PTC Meeting Notes

Monday, October 1, 2018

Attendees: 7

Past Events:

·         Movie Night

o   Was held on Friday, September 28th.

o   We had approximately 148 people attend.

o   Made $59 in extra snacks, drinks, and water bottle sales.

Upcoming Events:

·         School Dance

o   Will be held on Friday, October 19th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

o   Mandie and Jessica will provide the music.

o   We will filter everyone in through the doors near the gym.

o   We will get a stamp to stamp everyone’s hand as they come into the dance. 

o   We will ask a chaperone to stand by the door near the office to ensure adults are not dropping off kids and then leaving out another door.

§  Don Kreul indicated he could do this if we need him to.

o   Julie Piper and/or Police Liaison to be located near gym door.

o   Need to create a volunteer sign up.

§  Julie Olson is in the process of setting up the Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program through Points of Light.

§  We will look to see if we can have people sign up through this site or if we need to create a SignUpGenius.

o   Chris James will make copies of 3-4 coloring pages to be available in the Activities area.

o   Mandie Dillenburg mentioned that she will bring a ring-toss pumpkin game.

o   We will not have a photo booth per se, but instead it will be an area where students can take “selfies”.  We will still hang up the backdrop and have photo props available.

o   Michelle will ask Tom Harman to send out an Infinite Campus message to request donations of bottled water (8 oz bottles), granola bars, and individually packaged snacks.

o   We will set up the music and speakers in the back corner of the gym near the pull-up bar.

Other Business:

·         Scrip

o   The September Scrip submission was sent in and we profited $384. 

o   Next Scrip order form will be sent home on 10/12/18 with a due date of 10/17/18.

o   November Scrip order form will be sent home on 11/9/18 with a due date of 11/14/18.

o   Lacy will circle the due date and put a note on the form that any late orders will be held until the next month’s order.

·         Box Tops & Milk Moola

o   Deadline for Box Top submission is 11/1. 

§  Form will be sent home to remind parents to turn their Box Tops in.

o   We currently have $374.50 in our Box Tops account that will be sent in December.

o   Chris James will continue to take care of gathering Milk Moola caps and submitting them.

·         T-Shirts

o   Kozelka & Wall is closing.

o   Julie Olson spoke with Bill Wall and he did mention that someone is interested in purchasing the printing business.  Bill said to give it a month though.

·         Auction

o   We need someone willing to take the lead on the auction as Michelle is stepping down.

o   Don Kreul suggested that if we do have a “live” auction that we look at changing the date so it doesn’t coincide with the Kiwanis Club radio auction.

o   We talked about having everything online and not do a live auction.

o   We can discuss at a future meeting.

·         Donation Request from Julie Lewis

o   Julie Lewis is asking the PTC for a monetary donation to be used for each classroom to create their own library.  They need shelving, books, and few other things.

o   Each classroom should have between 500-600 books.

o   Revenue from the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair will be used to purchase books from Scholastic.

o   Mandie suggested that we have Julie Lewis check out This website was mentioned for teachers to submit their much-needed materials and experiences for their students.  Projects are then funded from donors all across the country.

o   The group agreed to approve $250 to get this project started.

·         Treasurer’s Report

o   Balance of just over $11,467

§  $7,000 is from the 2018 auction

·         Need to decide what to do with the auction money

o   Picnic Tables

o   Gaga Ball Pit

o   Place for students to sit and read or sit and draw

o   Building Blocks

o   Obstacle Course

o   We will need approximately $3,900 to fund the PTC sponsored events that are planned.

§  Monster Mash - $100

§  2 Bingo Events - $250/each = $500

§  Teacher Wish Lists - $700

§  Movie Night - $50

§  February Dance - $100

§  Staff Appreciation - $150

§  Spirit Day - $2,000

§  2 Math Nights - $150/event = $300

·         Next Meeting

o   Monday, November 5, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in DES library