DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes


DES PTC Meeting Notes

Monday, December 3, 2018

Upcoming Events:

·         Bingo Night

o   Will be held on Friday, December 7, 2018, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

o   Our project has been set up through “All for Good”, the Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program.  The Melssen’s, Stodola’s, Chapiewsky’s, and Olson’s are listed to volunteer.

o   Set-up is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

Other Business:

·         Scrip

o   November Scrip profit was $309.39.

o   December Scrip will be sent home on 12/7 with a due date of 12/12.


·         Box Tops

o   Deadline for Box Top submission was 11/1. 

§  Sarah Godfrey mentioned that she didn’t send anything prior to 11/1 as she didn’t even have a ½ gallon bag at that point. 

§  Sarah now has a full bag to send in and that total will be $253.20; however, we won’t see that money until the April check.

o   Box Top sheet was sent home the week of 11/26 so hopefully that will bring some more Box Tops in.

o   We currently have $374.50 in our Box Tops account that will be sent in December.

·         Milk Moola

o   Chris James boxed up 9,100 caps/bag tops that were sent out around 11/19/18.

o   We should see a check for approximately $455.


·         All for Good Website

o   Our account has been set up and we currently have 2 events listed; Monster Mash and Bingo.

o   We received an email on 11/19/18 that we were approved to receive tickets for the Monster Mash event we held.  Five park tickets will be sent to our organization within 30-60 days.

o   After the Bingo event, we have to go onto the website and tell about our event and upload pictures.


·         Auction

o   The group decided to move forward with holding an online and live auction in March. 

o   We decided to change the date for the live auction to the 3rd Saturday (March 16) so we avoid the Kiwanis Radio Auction.

o   Julie Olson mentioned about sending out a Survey Monkey to ask people their preference on the format of the auction.

§  At this time we will hold off sending a survey since we really need to start sending out donation requests and get moving.

o   Michelle Melssen will send an email to those people interested in helping with the auction to find a date that they can meet to go through the process.

o   Maybe check with Key Club or High School clubs to see about their help with auction

o   An Email needs to go out to teachers so they can start working on their auction classroom projects.

§  Teacher need to display their classroom projects at Parent/Teacher Conferences in February

§  Teachers should also talk about and promote their classroom projects via ClassTag.

o   A suggestion was made about something for the kids to do during the auction

§  Movie in Small Gym

§  Games

o   A suggestion was made about “Giveback Items” at the auction

§  Purchase 1 and 1 for another family

o   Some ideas to use auction money are:

§  Shade

§  Sitting space

§  Sensory Walk

§  Sensory Wall

§  Technology

§  Chrome Books in 2nd & 3rd grade ($200/each)

§  Garden Area to include shed and walking space

§  More Books for classroom libraries

§  Picnic Tables

§  Obstacle Course

§  Gaga Ball Pit – The school has written a grant through Menards for this.

§  Blue Building Blocks – The school has written a grant through DonorsChoose.


·         Tentative Upcoming Events:

o   Movie Night in January

o   Bring Your Favorite Gal/Guy Night – Talk about bringing these events back.

o   Bingo Night – February or April

o   Valentine’s Dance – Do we want to do this?


·         Treasurer’s Report

o   Balance of just over $11,579

§  $7,000 is from the 2018 auction

·         Next Meeting

o   Monday, January 7, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in DES library