DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes


DES PTC Meeting Notes

Monday, November 5, 2018

Attendees: 5

Past Events:

·         School Dance

o   Was held on Friday, October 19,2 2018.

o   We had a big attendance.

Upcoming Events:

·         Bingo Night

o   Will be held on Friday, December 7, 2018, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

o   We will set up “project” on the All For Good site so we can start tracking our events to receive Disney tickets. We need at least 15 volunteers signed up.

o   We will provide snacks and bottled water.

o   We will purchase approximately 60 prizes for a total of around $150.

o   We will meet at the school on November 30th at 6:30 p.m. for those who want to do Bingo shopping.

Other Business:

·         Scrip

o   We had a parent contact the PTC about not receiving their Scrip gift cards from the September order.

§  Lacy was able to find out that they purchased 2 Amazon cards and 2 WalMart cards.

§  Lacy has been working with Scrip who was able to provide the Amazon codes that can be given to the parent to enter into their Amazon account.

§  Unfortunately, we are not able to do anything with the WalMart cards as we are not able to provide Scrip with the WalMart numbers since there were 2 other WalMart cards purchased.

§  PTC will reimburse $200 back to the parent for the WalMart cards.

o   Future order forms will have a notification for parents to mark how they want to receive their gift cards.  They can either select that cards be sent home with student or picked up in the office.

o   Lacy will also look for bright colored envelopes to put the gift cards in so they stick out in a child’s folder.

o   An Infinite Campus message will be sent home notifying parents that the Scrip cards went home and to look for them in their child’s folder.

o   The November Scrip order form will be sent home on 11/9/18 with a due date of 11/14/18.  A note will indicate that any late orders will be held until the next month’s order.

o   Profit for October Scrip orders was $94.

·         Box Tops & Milk Moola

o   Deadline for Box Top submission was 11/1. 

o   We currently have $374.50 in our Box Tops account that will be sent in December.

o   Chris James will continue to take care of gathering Milk Moola caps and submitting them.

·         T-Shirts

o   Julie Olson spoke with the Phil & Kathryn Heimerl (new owners of the printing business that is taking over where Kozelka Wall was).

§  They will honor current pricing.

o   T-shirt order went home with students last week.

·         All For Good Website

o   We can now set up our events on the All For Good website to track volunteers and volunteer hours.

o   For every 15 volunteers per event, Disney will provide our organization with 5 park tickets up to 20.

o   After each event, we have to go onto the website and tell about our event and upload pictures.

·         Auction

o   We talked again about having everything online and not do a live auction.

o   We will discuss at December meeting as we will need to get started soliciting donations.

·         Treasurer’s Report

o   Balance of just over $11,579

§  $7,000 is from the 2018 auction

·         Need to decide what to do with the auction money

o   Picnic Tables

o   Gaga Ball Pit

o   Place for students to sit and read or sit and draw

o   Building Blocks

o   Obstacle Course

·         Next Meeting

o   Monday, December 3, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in DES library