DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes


DES PTC Meeting Notes

Monday, September 10, 2018

Attendees: 9

Upcoming Events:

·         Movie Night

o   Will be held on Friday, September 28th.

o   We will show Coco.

§  Ainsley Anderson will bring the movie.

o   Mandie and Jessica will ask Mineral Point Dentistry if they would donate bottled water and snacks again.

o   Julie will purchase juice boxes and order popcorn.

o   A movie night flyer will be sent home with students on September 21st.

o   An Infinite Campus reminder will go out on September 27th.

§  Maybe a message through ClassTag could also be sent.

o   We will put out the donation jar for the Dodger Food Locker.

·         School Dance

o   Will be held on Friday, October 19th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

o   Mandie and Jessica will provide the music.

o   Photo Booth

§  Maybe have pictures printed onsite.

§  Maybe have pictures sent directly to Walgreens.  Would Walgreens print them and donate them?

§  Maybe put photos online to share – Shutterfly

o   We will discuss the dance more at our October meeting.

Other Business:

·         Scrip

o   We will continue to send out the order forms monthly.

§  September order will be sent home on 9/14/18 and will be due 9/20/18

§  Lacy will put order in on 9/21/18.

o   Lacy will ask office to send out an Infinite Campus message along with order form attached on 9/14/18 and make mention of the order forms should have been in student folders that day.

·         Box Tops & Milk Moola

o   Sarah Godfrey will continue to take care of gathering Box Tops and submitting them.

o   Deadline for Box Top submission is 11/1. 

§  Form will be sent home to remind parents to turn their Box Tops in.

o   We currently have $374.50 in our Box Tops account that will be sent in December.

o   Chris James will continue to take care of gathering Milk Moola caps and submitting them.

·         Volunteering in Classrooms

o   Jessica and Ainsley would like to expand parent volunteers into the school classrooms.

o   Is there a way to coordinate when teachers need help?  Identify projects for the school.  Could parents sign up through ClassTag?

o   Julie Piper mentioned that a district goal is to increase community involvement in the schools.

§  Parent Advisory Council – Hear about initiatives, get feedback, etc.

§  Student Advisory Council – Get students engaged. What do they want to see in their school?

§  Staff Advisory Council

o   Are there some things that a parent could do from home versus in the classroom? 

o   Would teachers be receptive to help in the classroom?

o   Set up something where teachers and the office can list projects that they need help with

o   Julie Piper will speak with teachers to gauge their interest.  Julie will also talk with ClassTag to see if something could be set up.  Julie will then update Jessica and Ainsley.

·         T-Shirts

o   We need to design a new logo.

o   Julie Piper suggested that this might be a good project for the Student Advisory group to tackle.

o   Suggestion was made to have an option to purchase a gray or black T-shirt for parents.

·         Playground Equipment

o   Julie Piper mentioned that the district is holding off on any playground equipment until after the referendum in November.

o   PTC group can move forward with putting a plan together on what they want to spend the auction money on.

o   Julie mentioned that DES would like options and choices for students at recess

§  Place for students to sit and read or sit and draw

§  Picnic Tables

§  Building Blocks

§  Gaga Ball Pit

§  Obstacle Course

o   Let’s discuss at a future meeting what we want to do with the auction money raised from this past March.

o - This website was mentioned for teachers to submit their much-needed materials and experiences for their students.  Projects are then funded from donors all across the country.

§  Maybe we could use this website to submit something about the playground options mentioned above.

·         Sponsor Referendum Informational Night at DES

o   Julie Piper suggested that maybe the PTC should sponsor an information night for the DES families to come and learn about the upcoming referendum

·         Treasurer’s Report

o   Balance of just over $11,000 ($7,000 is from the 2018 auction.)

·         Next Meeting

o   Monday, October 1, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in DES library

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