DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes


DES PTC Meeting Notes

Monday, March 12, 2018


         The DES PTC promotes family and staff involvement to enrich the education of our children.  We are not a fundraising group.  We collect funds through Box Tops, milk caps, and Scrip gift cards.  We hold many activities throughout the year such as movie nights, barn dance, Bingo, and an auction.


Past Events:

·        DES Auction

o   Online auction raised $1,836.  We had 485 total bids.

o   BiddingOwl payment was $91.80.  BiddingOwl takes 5% of highest bids.

o   Live Auction brought in about $4,616 plus $179.80 at the food stand

o   Monetary Donations for Auction

§  $250 from Thrivent

§  $100 from Lamers Bus Lines

§  $20 from WalMart for in store purchasing

o   Expenses were about $465.69

o   Profit was about $7,004.11

o   Attendance for the live auction was down.  Maybe 50-60 people to include the volunteers.

o   Deb Stodola will contact Mrs. Piper to see if the PTC can proceed with purchasing the swing set for the playground.

o   Chris James will contact Mrs. Piper about the basketball hoops.

o   What can we do different next year?

§  Have everything online only.  No Live Auction.

§  Hold the auction with another event (Dance, Bingo, Music Programs)

§  Hold at a different time of year.

o   Disney is moving to a different way they will donate tickets.  They are partnering with Points of Light to launch a new complimentary ticket program that rewards nonprofit organizations and schools in the U.S. with Disney theme park tickets for hosting or participating in family volunteer activities.

§  The more volunteers you have, the more tickets you can earn up to 20 (a project with 15-34 volunteers can earn 5 tickets, 35-74 can earn 10 tickets, etc.)

§  Nonprofit organizations may conduct multiple family volunteer projects during a calendar year to earn up to the 20-park ticket maximum.

§  Check the program out at


Upcoming Events:

·        Movie Night

o   April 6, 2018, from 6:30-8:30

o   We recommended to show “Wonder”.

o   Deb Stodola will email Mrs. Piper to make sure “Wonder” would be okay to show since it’s a PG movie.

o   We will send an Infinite Campus message out next Friday, March 23rd.

o   A flyer will be sent home with students on April 2, 2018, with another Infinite Campus message to go out on April 4, 2018.

o   Michelle Melssen will email Julie Olson to have her get the popcorn, juice, snacks, etc., for movie night.

Other Business:

·         Box Tops, Milk Moola, etc.

o   Sarah Godfrey has submitted three Box Tops submissions.  One in December for $278.70, one in January for $181.10, and one in February for $136.40.  Our check in April will be for $596.20.

o   Chris James is still working with Kwik Trip Milk Moola to reset up our account with a new login and password. 

·         Scrip

o   February profit is about $134.08

o   Our profit from October through the end of February on Scrip is $1,272

o   February Scrip form winner for the most orders submitted was Mrs. Schnitzler’s class.

o   March Scrip form winner for the most orders submitted was Mrs. Doyle’s class.

·         FaceBook Administration

o   Mandie Dillenburg and Jessica Hildreth volunteered to take over the DES FaceBook page.

o   Michelle Melssen will add both Mandie and Jessica to this page as administrators.

o   They will work on getting more followers and post events, reminders for Scrip orders, etc.

·         Events for 2017-18 School Year

o   Staff Appreciation – May 2018

o   Spirit Day – June 2018

·         Treasurer’s Report

o   Balance of approximately $3,000

·         Next Meetings

o   Monday, April 2, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in the school library.